Conducting your job search can often be a frightening and time consuming task, when you search for employment through us you’ll be within the capable hands of one of our experienced consultants who specialises in your area of work, whether you’re an Engineer or in Marketing, Sales, or Finance, or maybe you just simply wish to further your career. We’ll make sure we understand precisely what you're searching for, your career ambitions, the experience you’ve had and also the skills you’ve gained on the way.

We recruit for permanent positions and have an established track record of successfully placing candidates in a very wide selection of organisations across the UK – the potential jobs we would present to you may bring exciting new opportunities.

Once you register with Sync Resourcing we’ll provide you with practical support throughout your job search:

  • Our consultants will invariably provide you with good, honest, down-to-earth advice regarding your career and where you’re heading.
  • We’ll assist you get your CV in fine condition, advising how best to present your experience, skills and achievements.
  • We’ll even assist you prepare for interviews, guaranteeing that you will make a decent impression and be able to create the most of each interview opportunity you have got.

If you’re considering looking for a brand new job, why not give us a call on 02392989484 for a casual chat or submit your CV and we’ll see what we can do for you.