Deputy Manager

Health/Social Care
South East
£30000 - £35000
05-07-2019 01:32 PM
The Deputy Manager will work closely with the Registered Manager in the Management of the home, including the day to day running and the quality of life enjoyed by the children. To this end the Deputy Manager will be required to foster good morale and team spirit amongst the staff team and good relationships with the local community in order to create a warm, homely, caring environment within the home whilst catering for the children as a whole, nevertheless take account of the needs of the individual. 

1. To work alongside the Registered Manager in managing the home in an efficient manner within the available resources, ensuring these are used to the best effect for the proper care of the children and running and maintenance of the home and the equipment therein.
2. In conjunction with the Registered Manager, to be responsible for the arrangements of admission of children to the unit in line with the policy and procedures laid down by the Directors.
3. Ensure that staffs, both Senior Residential Childcare Worker and Residential Childcare Workers are kept fully conversant by guidance, instruction and practice with all aspects of managing the home, so that they are able to take proper charge of the home in the normal course of their duties.
4. To take appropriate action to ensure there is sufficient staff coverage at all levels, within the agreed limits, to maintain the efficient and safe running of the home.
5. Ensure that there are efficient and known channels of communication for the proper dissemination of information, instructions and reporting back within the home and that all staff are fully conversant with their duties, rights and responsibilities.
6. Ensure that the care and well being of the children is maintained at the highest level at all times and that this care reflects the needs and is appropriate for the children of both sexes and if necessary, residents of varied ethnic origins, by monitoring that all staff are undertaking their duties in a responsible manner and by taking appropriate action to remedy any unsatisfactory performance, including the identification of any further staff training needs.
7. Seek to maintain the maximum level of individuality and independence of the children commensurate with group living and encourage communication and interaction within the home in order to broaden life and stimulate.
8. Ensure that all children receive proper medical, dental and other ancillary care appropriate to their needs and that they are kept under regular planned review. 

9. Contribute to reports for Statutory Review and Case Conference and for other specific occasions.
10. Establish good relationships with the local community and encourage the help of volunteers with the home for the benefit of the children, at all times liasing with the appropriate company Director over the approval and use of volunteers.
11. Encourage, stimulate and participate in social activities for the benefit of the children, including fund raising and to take responsibility for the proper administration of the home’s entertainment and travel allowance in conjunction with the Registered Manager.
12. Comply at all times with the requirements of the company’s Standard Operating procedures so far as they effect the home and the company, and to seek the advice of management staff as appropriate on all matters where the proper course of action is uncertain and guidance is required.
13. Attend company and other meetings as required.
14. Ensure that proper attention is given by staff to the health, safety and welfare matters throughout the home, including fire precautions, in order to minimise the risk of accidents and hurt or damage to children, staff, property and equipment.
15. Co-operate at all times with the differing social services department, staff and other professionals in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. In so far as they affect the home and the company, and to seek the advice of line management.
16. The Deputy Manager is expected to work at least 40 hours per week which will be flexible hours to meet the changing needs within the home, however, she/he must assist the Registered Manager and maintain a rota for the other members of staff, which, while meeting the home’s needs, must reflect the requirements for staff to have adequate and sufficient time off for themselves.
17. Behave at all times in a responsible manner, always bearing in mind the good name of the company and the home.
18. The Deputy Manager will perform other duties as outlined in the Homes Managers job description to meet the changing needs of the home and the company.
19. The Deputy Manager will be responsible for the induction of new staff, together with the Registered Manager and Directors of the company.
20. The Deputy Manager will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating systems alongside the Manager and Company Directors.
21. The Deputy manager will be productive in building good relationships with referring agencies including assisting in the filling of any spaces the home has.
22. The Deputy Manager will, alongside the Manager ensure the creation and maintenance of a therapeutic environment as directed by the Company Directors.

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